pillow styling by charlotte love

My Mornings in a Nutshell

I love everything about Charlotte Love’s work. I also love her name. I do not, however, love the sound of my alarm in the morning and that’s why I absolutely love this photo.

[Image: © Charlotte Love]

minimal maps by michael pecirno

A World of Water

Lately the notion of maps really fascinates me. At once narrative, informative, and emotive, they traverse all manner of space and time, embodying both the real and imagined. While devouring …

daily journal illustrations by paula troxler

A Drawing a Day

Paula Troxler is awesome. And so are her creative projects. Since 2010 she’s been creating daily illustrations for a self-published calendar titled “Every Day a Drawing”. A drawing everyday for …

colorful speckled coaster by cool machine

Bright Objects

Concept store Cool Machine is a ~cool~ place to stop by for fun modern-retro designs. The images of the objects are eye-catching artworks in themselves.[Above: coaster] [vase][brooch][Images © Cool Machine]

vintage memo books collection by field notes

Found Design: from the Agriculture World

While doing research on journals I stumbled upon a treasure trove of vintage American farming memo books, collected by Field Notes co-founder Aaron Draplin. These unique journals are the origins …

anthony burrill letterpress typography

My Type of Happy

nothing cheers up my day or excites the type freak/geek in me quite like the bright bold designs by anthony burrill. after devouring his book make it now i wanted to head to a letterpress straight away, work in three colors only, amass a collection of vintage type, design to make the world a happier place, and be playfully curious about everything.

anthony burrill letterpress typography

[Image Source: 1 + 2 | © Anthony Burrill]

Dries Van Notten

i recently watched a cool documentary about the work of Dries Van Noten, and think the process that goes behind each of his collections is fascinating. i like that he …

geometric photography by charles negre and still life painting by juan cotan

Visual Soulmates

from Cotán to Charles Negre. something about the void of a background context intrigues me.

[Image 2 h/t: Clikclk | © Charles Negre]

architecture for dogs by kenya hara

Architecture for Dogs

Wes Anderson’s latest movie Isle of Dogs premiered earlier this month, and I’m still keeled over from the amazingness of it all. If you have any interest in a film …

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