yellow square on black stripes




because i struggle to focus and remember sometimes, but a lens, aperture and sensor help so much.

i’m an introvert and a camera is my grounding, my filter for excess stimulation, and my push to interact more with the world (humans) around me.

airplane portrait butterfly

because i believe that everyone has a story to tell, and the right to let their stories and identities be heard.

because often what people deserve more than anything else is to have their souls and dignity honored with a photograph.


because i can feel so small in this big wide world, but i can navigate it bit by bit, snapshot by snapshot.

because freezing a moment is one of the most magical things that happened to me.

family graduation portrait the cav pub

because life is so beautiful, sad, hilarious, surprising, joyful, dark, hopeful, terrifying, lonely, connected, and simply miraculous.

because playing with the world is essential.

because the amount of goodness and beauty in the world is just overwhelming, but if you forget to look you’ll forget it’s there.

because what i choose to see and hold onto reflects a part of who i am, so i am actively shaping my identity.


yellow square black stripes golden hour palm trees

this is my identity.

this is why.