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2017 feels like an old friend to me. it’s been trying at times, was almost never dull, i learned so much about myself, and had many adventures and happy moments. i’m kinda attached to it actually, but at the same time i think it has been preparing me for something even bigger. and even as i say goodbye, excited for all that’s up ahead, i know this year will always have a special place in my heart. the end of a beginning. a glimpse into a crazy odyssey beyond.

2017 was probably the best year i’ve had in a long while, and i’m glad it happened.

yellow square on black stripes


photography.|||because i struggle to focus and remember sometimes, but a lens, aperture and sensor help so much.because i’m an introvert and a camera is my grounding, my filter for excess …

color block ocean landscape


it’s been ages – i’ve been at a loss for words, so finally i’ve decided to dig them out anyway. i guess i’ve had so much to think about, so much to excite or occupy or stress me, that i’m left with nothing to say. and it has suddenly hit me that while my voice is silent, everywhere else is loud and blaring.

the noise. perhaps here is our biggest enemy. destroying peace, within and without, deadening thoughts, and silencing who we really are.

the truth is that noise is a really nice shield, a shield from everything that makes us afraid and uncomfortable. silence is uncomfortable, creating something new is uncomfortable, and making headway in life is uncomfortable, not to mention terrifying.

so i guess the question to ask is: do i want to be shielded, safe but silent, or open, uncomfortable, and singing out loud?


i’m happy to be writing on here again. happy for beautiful things and precious moments. happy to be creating and not judging. happy to be living and experiencing, giving and …

Color Blind

It’s quite a revelation when you realise that taking photographs is like drawing with light. Right now I’m sitting here contemplating how everything I see is the work of light, …

scout and catalogue accessories lookbook

:: Scout & Catalogue ::

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada (where I spent part of my childhood!), Scout & Catalogue is an independent shop producing unique hand-dyed accessories. I’m loving everything about their latest collection: minimal …

sisilia piring fashion photography

:: Sisilia Piring ::

Sisilia Piring is one of those photographers who makes me fall in love with the art all over again. I can’t get over the beautiful, almost ethereal quality of her …

geometric shapes animation


Wow, I feel like I haven’t written here for an eternity. In all that time I think I’ve forgotten how to write — I have all these things I want …

gold milk photography by van vicent

A Liminal Space.

I’ve been collecting a lot of images lately, building up a visual moodboard for my latest project (a moving image piece). I’m exploring that mysterious phenomenon known as liminal space, …

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