abstract shadows on wood

Made It.

The sun came out today, and with it all my childish wonder and pent-up excitement. Mid-year semester break is here. At long last.

Ah… it feels like aeons since I last wrote anything here. I hardly know where to begin, but it seems the fittest way is with a long rambly list of all the recent happenings, links and inspirations in my recently hectic life. So here it is.

1. Uni became an all-consuming affair for the past month or so, and between panic attacks and feverish concentration streaks (not so much of the latter) I literally put everything else on the back burner. Admittedly towards the end I was losing steam. But I made it. I can’t say how good that feels, to know that I completed all these big heavy projects on time, and am now officially at the halfway point to graduation! But the thought that makes me happiest for now is knowing that I’ve got four golden weeks to spend on my passion projects, reading, spring cleaning, and every random thing in between.

2. This semester my biggest takeaway was that simplicity is everything. I realized through experience that the best design is that which is simple and yet interesting and unique, because simplicity enables efficiency and effective communication which are the heart of good design. So I learned to keep my projects and concepts simple, and they turned out waaay better that way.

Oh yeah, I also learned the tremendous importance of getting started on design projects asap, and the dire consequences of tardiness.

3. To celebrate the end of uni (for now), I went and ordered myself two pairs of sunglasses, one of which I’d been desperately coveting for awhile (frameless mirrored heart lenses + metallic pastel pink = irresistible). To seal the deal I then bought two more at a big sale downtown. Yes, yes. This is my one un-minimalist, guilty pleasure. And I absolutely love my new shades.

4. If you didn’t already know, I totally adore the photography/film/art/food work of Izzy Rael. She’s been an incredible inspiration to me lately, and her images always make my day. If you haven’t seen her work, you absolutely MUST.

5. It’s been getting chillier as winter sets into the southern hemisphere. Scarves and turtlenecks have become my best friends; for some reason my neck always feels like a block of ice. I’m liking beanies too. Cara Delevingne wears them the best. Ever.

6. Officially on Snapchat. Yeah alright, I’m a dinosaur. But this dino is a pretty quick learner;)

7. Aside from all that, my mind is basically exploding with all the things I want to create, and ideas I want to explore. I have to stop now, or this post might not end.

abstract shadows on wood

Here’s to a cozy winter and a sweet semester break. //