grateful script hand lettering

Lately: Being Lazy + Grateful

This year, holiday season has been pretty crazy. December just passed me by, and I don’t feel that I did justice to this month’s worth of summer vacay. Between family reunions, Christmas prep, and getting sick, I had my daily routine somewhat thrown out the window. So I took it all the way, and spent most of my free time on Youtube. Life never felt so productive.

But in the midst of the empty spaces + everything else going on, I’ve been looking back over the past twelve months and realising with gratitude what an incredible year it’s been. Finishing my first of year of uni, learning to drive, and finally playing tennis again (!!!) are only some of the unbelievable and awesome things that happened to me, that I never saw coming. It’s been a roller coaster year with heaps of ups and downs, and through it all I couldn’t have dreamed that things would turn out the way they did: imperfectly and perfectly, chaotically and harmoniously all at once.

Most of all, I’m super grateful for this precious period in my life when I have the time to see and be with my family every single day. Eating, talking, laughing, working, and doing everything together. And like everything else, this precious time won’t last forever, so I guess I’ll just throw productivity out the window for now and cherish this wonderful treasure in my hands.