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Here & Now

If there’s one major life lesson I’ve learned this year, it’s that simplicity solves pretty much everything. Whenever I feel that things are going out of control, I know it’s because the ever-ambitious me has gone and overcomplicated the situation. Physical stuff. Digital stuff. Social stuff. School, work, goals, anything. I realised that none of these things needs to be overwhelming, but too often I’m chasing after the wrong things, or the unnecessary things, and all the possessions and commitments and decision-making piles up.

I also learned that the only thing that really matters in the grand scheme of things, is the here and now. The present is the only place that is real, the only place where things can happen, and the only time that is actually making a difference. The rest is in the head. And all too often I am living inside my head.

The past few days have been all about rediscovering simplicity and mindfulness. Not perfectly getting it, but slowly remembering bit by bit to live in the present and to put aside distractions. Whether it’s consumerism or over-ambition or negative thoughts, distracting noises are always everywhere, and everything in life can be made simpler without them. I’m trying hard to remind myself that conventional success has never been my top priority, and that being super productive doesn’t matter if I’m not soaking up life and appreciating every moment I have. Yeah, it’ll probably take a while. But if there’s one thing I want in my life, it’s simplicity. Because I know that the rest will follow.