typographic twigs

February Recap

So the hols are (finally!) coming to a close. I almost thought they’d never end, but at last, I’m officially a 2nd year undergrad! *bounces in chair like a 6 year old* In honour of the momentous occasion, I thought I’d do a recap of this past and last month of the sweet sweet time in my life known as the summer holidays.

The truth is, summer is hardly over despite fall officially beginning in a couple days. The weather is hot as anything, and my body seems to want to fall afresh into holiday mode. Maybe it’s just me, but I find studying + summer heat doesn’t exactly work together. Plus, I’m just dying to get into fall attire (my hot weather outfits all look the same). At the same time though, the world seems so sunny and happy right now, I feel like this time of year is simply fleeting and precious, as with so many other things. So I guess I’m finding myself in this state where I’m dying to move forward, but also wanting to savour the moment. In other words, very restless:)

Anyway, I found some shrub clippings in the yard the other day and did my first photoshoot in a while. As usual Tara helped me out since I was short of hands.

twig sculptures
twig sculptures

“So what have you been up to during your 4 months break?” is the question I’ve been asked, and have repeatedly asked myself over the past weeks. Often I find myself silently bemoaning the fact that I didn’t accomplish more— that too many hours were spent being free, and not enough hours producing work, or making money. But somewhere in this vast space of time I found myself in more ways than one: my soul, my purpose, my passions (see here). That’s something that can’t be measured by time or money. It’s something I’m grateful for, even if it took this long. And it’s also something that isn’t quite so easy to explain to people either! (instead I should just link to this post, ha)

epiphone goldtop les paul

I was also able to pick up some old hobbies again. Lately I’ve turned this corner of my room at the foot of my bed into my (read: MY) jamming corner. It’s become a habit of mine to wind down every night by playing my guitar. Mind you, I’m hardly good yet even with all my practicing, but happily I can say that I’ve made some progress:)

Oh and yes, that is my guitar. My gorgeous gold birthday guitar. My most prized possession. Look out for it in my last will.

balloon illustration

If I were to pick what I am currently loving this moment, it would be this adorable balloon my little sis decorated just the other day. I do think she has taken after me, with her natural artistic talent.. *pride levels escalating*

hand drawn balloon
hand drawn balloon

balloon illustration

Super adorable, no? I’d pay for this. *pride levels spilling over*

soft lead pencil
argyle print box

In other news:

1. I finally found my dark lead (closest thing I have to a Blackwing, which cannot be obtained in this territory) pencil, which I honestly thought had just vanished into thin air. Of course it didn’t.

2. Also super loving this gift box which was not gifted to me but I took anyways, the second I laid eyes on it 😉 I do not know what to put inside yet, but no worries, I will find something.

So this February has been pretty sweet to be sure. Fingers crossed, but my heart tells me something even sweeter may be— just maybe!— in store. I’m not telling. I’m not jinxing it;)

Anyway, here’s to a good start to uni Y2!