house at night


it’s crazy to think a THIRD of the year is through. i feel like i’ve done heaps and nothing at the same time.

>>it’s been such an Adventure, and yet i’m only just beginning.

>>late night bus rides became a weekly affair – such a strange phenomenon for someone who likes to be curled up in bed by 10.

>>i’m slowly fleshing out a project that i’m really excited about, except i’m lacking the confidence to present my ideas to anyone. research projects are the best sort of things for making you feel incredibly uncertain about where you’re headed and whether you’re doing ok. my compass right now is to trust my voice and my vision, to just be who i really am and let that encompass my work.

>>i am so inspired by keri smith right now. she is another compass of mine.

>>i’ve also been loving the designs of anthony burill, and his messages of positivity and curiosity. i often wonder, if i could mix all my favorite artists together, what amazing work would come from it?

>>i am reading books again, various books. and there is something so satisfying about reading books just for pleasure. this book is particularly amazing.

>>i’ve learnt so much in this little time about life, about photography, about creativity, about my interests and passions, about the dangers of handling an open bottle of maple syrup over a sink full of water.

i wonder what the next four months will bring??