the first month of this new year has been food for my creative soul. i’ve re-fallen in love with art in its many forms, and i feel like i’ve been filled with more ideas than i can handle. it’s a good feeling. pen and (lots of) paper is also handy.

// i have been drawing again. i’ve been actually enjoying it this time. very much. i’ve also been shooting much more and feeling more immersed in photography than i’ve been in a long time. it’s a bit awkward to have two big interests tugging on me at once like that. but i have a hunch that this could be the start of something new for me.

digital illustration by common objects

// some new discoveries: common object’s vsco feed is a real feast for the eyes, full of minimal and cheery illustrations of everyday things. i’m reminded that art and inspiration is in just about anything.

malevich monet color palettes

// for all my love of modern things, lately i’m finding a lot of inspiration in classical art. like kazimir malevich’s red house and claude monet’s haystacks series. i honestly can’t get over the color palettes of these works. and the fact that monet devoted some thirty different paintings to a group of haystacks is something to be appreciated.

jon klassen creative process quote

// i’ve been catching up on my favorite author/illustrator of all time: jon klassen. if i even begin to feature his works here i will end up posting every single one. lately i’ve taken to researching his creative process and found so much wisdom, including this quote from a presentation in Australia.

ladybird movie stills

// i saw the movie ladybird and was mesmerized by its cinematography, drool worthy color palettes and poetic audio/visual storytelling. i went out of my way to find and compile stills from my favorite scenes. can i also add that i’d give up being a minimalist just to have christine’s room?

// and finally, this video struck major chords with me and then some. elizabeth gilbert talks about creativity, fear, and anxiety in this TED talk that you’d wish would never end. she is just brilliant.

here’s to a creative january.